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August 2015 Archives

Can I be accused of a Michigan sex crime by my spouse?

Love knows no bounds. As poetic as that may sound, Michigan law is no romantic. In fact, the state of Michigan has several laws on the books that seek to prevent certain sexual acts. As admirable as these laws and their protective efforts are, they inevitably lead to false accusations, threatening to derail honest individuals' lives. That is why, if you are charged with a sex crime, you should create a legal strategy that can confront an aggressive prosecution.

Michigan human trafficking carries serious penalties

Michiganders who have knowledge of the criminal justice system know that felony offenses are treated more seriously than misdemeanors. Yet, not all felonies are created equal. A murder charge, for example, can carry much more significant penalties, and a prosecutor may pursue a conviction more aggressively than a charge for felony assault. Though this may seem intuitive, there are some criminal offenses out there that are difficult to gauge. We hope this post will help clarify one particular offense: human trafficking.

Assault with intent to commit murder and how to defend against it

When people think of violent crimes, they often think about murder or perhaps manslaughter. But even those who are alleged to have attacked someone but fell short of killing can face violent crime accusations. The penalties for these criminal offenses can be just as damning, and those who are accused should therefore take the steps necessary to put forth a strong criminal defense.

Competent defense needed when facing white collar crime charges

Last week our readers gained insight into recent allegations of criminal wrongdoing against a former healthcare executive. The man, who was charged with fraud and embezzlement, could be facing significant penalties which could derail his personal and professional lives. Truthfully, most white collar crime offenses, meaning those that involve some sort of financial aspect, can utterly ruin an individual's life if he or she is convicted of the crime.

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