Assault with intent to commit murder and how to defend against it

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When people think of violent crimes, they often think about murder or perhaps manslaughter. But even those who are alleged to have attacked someone but fell short of killing can face violent crime accusations. The penalties for these criminal offenses can be just as damning, and those who are accused should therefore take the steps necessary to put forth a strong criminal defense.

Michigan law states that it is a crime to assault another individual with the intent to commit murder. Upon conviction for this offense, an individual can receive a life-long prison sentence. Though a judge may have discretion in the sentencing phase, this serious offense can still wreck an individual’s life if he or she is convicted. So how would one go about preparing a defense against such allegations?

As with any criminal accusation, it is always wise to assess every element of the alleged offense. In a situation where an individual has been accused of assault with intent to commit murder, a defendant may want to first address whether he or she actually assaulted the alleged victim. What does assault mean? Does the alleged event constitute assault? Also, a defendant may want to consider addressing intent. Even if he or she did assault the victim, did he or she do so with the intent to commit murder? How would the prosecution prove this? These are all issues that need to be addressed.

Being accused of attempted murder is likely a major blow to all who face it. The potential penalties and legal issues that can accompany the matter may also be overwhelming. But with so much on the line, defendants cannot afford to be drowned by the complexities of the charges they face. This is why discussing the matter with an experienced legal professional may be beneficial.

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