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October 2015 Archives

The legal use of deadly force

There may come a time in an individual's life when they are confronted by someone with physical aggression. Though the individual may know that what is happening to them is illegal, they might be hesitant to strike back out of fear for legal repercussions. This is understandable, as many of us are well aware of the long arm of the law. However, the state of Michigan recognizes self-defense as a legitimate defense, which allows an individual, under certain circumstances, to take drastic measures to protect their life, or the life of another, without fear of legal consequences.

We stand up for those subjected to illegal searches

A couple of weeks ago we discussed an instance where a routine fishing license check turned into what police claim was a significant drug bust. Many times, arrests for drug crimes result from entirely other, unrelated suspicions. A driver accused of speeding may find their car being searched, leading to the discovery of narcotics. Or, an individual who is either the alleged perpetrator or victim of domestic violence may wind up facing an arrest on drug charges if authorities see drugs or drug paraphernalia in plain sight.

Michigan witness intimidation and tampering

Michigan residents who are facing criminal accusations can find themselves in a state of panic. Depending on the circumstances, this can be normal as the potential penalties that could be doled out upon conviction could be life-altering. Therefore, some may try anything they can to avoid conviction. However, those who are facing criminal charges should be careful how they approach potential witnesses because misconduct could be found to be criminal, giving rise to a whole other legal matter.

Michigan man faces drug charges after fishing license check

Many Michigan residents who wind up facing drug charges are only accused of the crime subsequent to another incident. For example, a stop for a minor traffic infraction may lead to a search of the vehicle, which results in the uncovering of drugs. Likewise, a legal home search may lead to drug charges if narcotics are found, regardless of whether the search warrant was originally used to look for drugs. Yet, there are very nuanced and complicated laws that apply to these situations. Any violations of those laws by law enforcement could work in an accused individual's favor.

What is distribution of child pornography in Michigan?

A lot of Michigan residents heard about the recent child pornography case against former Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle. Sex crimes are always taken seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors, but those offenses that involve children are pursued with extra aggression. This means that those who are accused of these crimes might feel like they are facing an uphill battle, even if they are not accused of actually making the pornographic material in question.

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