Michigan man faces drug charges after fishing license check

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Many Michigan residents who wind up facing drug charges are only accused of the crime subsequent to another incident. For example, a stop for a minor traffic infraction may lead to a search of the vehicle, which results in the uncovering of drugs. Likewise, a legal home search may lead to drug charges if narcotics are found, regardless of whether the search warrant was originally used to look for drugs. Yet, there are very nuanced and complicated laws that apply to these situations. Any violations of those laws by law enforcement could work in an accused individual’s favor.

This might be something one Michigan man may want to look into after he was taken into custody on numerous drug charges after what was originally a routine fishing license check. According to police, when they tried to check the man’s license they discovered marijuana. A subsequent search of the accused man’s vehicle allegedly uncovered a large amount of marijuana and a mobile methamphetamine lab. The man was then arrested and now faces several charges. If found guilty of these crimes, he could face significant time in prison.

Yet, there are many unanswered questions surrounding this case. How was the marijuana initially discovered on the man’s person? What was the justification behind searching his vehicle? Was there any mishandling of evidence? These are all issues that may need to be addressed when creating this man’s criminal defense because any errors on the part of police could lead to dropped charges. For example, if the search of the accused’s vehicle is found to be illegal, then any charges related to the meth lab are likely to be dropped.

When criminal charges are levied against an individual there is often a lot of grey area, leaving room for argument. Thus, those facing drug charges should consider working with someone who can present solid legal arguments in their interest and will fight for them throughout the process.

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