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December 2015 Archives

An overview of common defenses to drunk driving charges

Michigan residents may find themselves partaking in alcoholic beverages to ring in the New Year which, when done responsibly, is completely legal. However, with increased alcohol consumption during the holiday season, law enforcement officials will likely be out in significant numbers seeking out drunk drivers.

The use of expert witnesses in criminal defense

A criminal conviction could land a Michigan resident in prison for a significant period of time and force the offender to confront the possibility that a reputation that will be forever damaged. Michigan residents need to be fully prepared to face the charges, whether that means negotiating a plea deal or taking the matter to trial.

Man arrested for passing out pamphlets

Readers of this blog know that the law has a long reach. Because of this, many Michigan residents find themselves facing criminal charges for acts that they did not know were wrong. When educated men and women serving as judges and attorneys tell you that you have done something wrong, it may be easy to fall into agreeable thinking. But this should not be the case, as law enforcement and prosecutors often over-step their bounds and falsely accuse individuals of committing a crime.

Drug crime convictions affect driving privileges

Being charged with a drug crime is a serious matter. Mere accusations could significantly damage an individual's reputation, and a conviction could lead to prison, fines, and a lifelong criminal record that could forever leave one struggling to find adequate work and living arrangements. Yet, as if all of that is not enough, the state of Michigan also imposes penalties on one's driving privileges when they are convicted of a drug crime.

Our firm knows how to prep and litigate for our clients

Our last post on this blog discussed witness impeachment and how it may be a beneficial tactic in a criminal trial. This subject highlights how strategy can be critical when preparing a defense against criminal allegations. There are many issues to confront, including physical evidence, witnesses, and defense legal theory. Each of these matters is deep in its own right. With regard to witnesses, for example, a defendant must choose which witnesses to call on direct examination, assess how those witnesses will be cross-examined, decide how they will cross-examine the prosecution's witnesses, and determine whether they will attack a witness's credibility.

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