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January 2016 Archives

What is probable cause in the arrest context?

Michigan residents who are subjected to arrest likely have a lot on their minds. They might be worried about their reputation and the way they are treated by police, but they are also probably concerned about the charges that will be filed against them. These issues are legitimate, as a criminal conviction could lead to lengthy incarceration, devastating fines and a haunting criminal record. With this in mind, those accused of a criminal offense should carefully consider their criminal defense options.

Our firm fights against sex crime allegations

Several months ago, we discussed the law as it relates to the distribution of child pornography, and the damage such allegations can cause to an accused individual. Since state law aggressively seeks to protect children, the laws in this area are very broad. Though some may see this as a good thing, those facing sex crime allegations, especially offenses involving children, may find their reputation, freedom, and livelihood on the line when they are confronted by an overbroad statute.

What is bail and what types of bonds can be used?

Michigan residents who are arrested and charged with a crime often have a lot on their mind, and they may find themselves consumed by worry and fear. Although much of a person's concern is centered on the outcome of the case as a whole, there may be preliminary matters, the outcome of which could affect an accused individual's short-term day-to-day life.

Fighting drunk driving allegations

Many Michigan residents find themselves subjected to criminal prosecution for allegedly drinking and driving near the holidays. Saturation patrols, DUI checkpoints and increased accidents can give police cause to test a driver for intoxication and, depending on the results, an arrest may be made. This can be scary for arrestees, and they may find themselves worrying about their future.

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