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February 2016 Archives

Fighting for Kalamazoo resident's freedom in criminal matters

Criminal defense can seem quite simple on its surface. After all, a defendant need only raise reasonable doubt to be acquitted on criminal charges. That may seem easy enough, but the truth of the matter is that the legal system operates by a complex set of rules developed by statutes and case law. Also, very rarely are two cases ever exactly alike, and the application of Michigan law to each case can potentially change the ultimate outcome. There may also be additional defense options available to an individual that are only successful when raised by those who have knowledge of the option and how to best exploit it.

Can Michigan DNA evidence be challenged?

Michiganders who have watched the Netflix series, "Making a Murderer" may have their eyes opened to the reality of false convictions and the importance of a strong criminal defense. When accused of a crime, particularly a violent crime, it is imperative to confront the charges as fully prepared as possible. Accused individuals who fail to do this could be facing penalties that include years, perhaps even decades, behind bars. In other words, the stakes are high, and an accused individual should prepare his or her defense accordingly.

Three Michiganders facing felony drug charges

Michigan drug charges are quite serious, and a conviction on such charges could lead to significant long-term consequences. A Michigander may be forced to serve years in prison, pay thousands of dollars in fines and, even after successfully serving time, he or she may struggle to overcome the black mark on their criminal record. It can affect one's employment, housing, education and perhaps even family issues, such as child custody. In other words, when facing these types of allegations, there is a lot on the line, which is why fighting the charges is so important.

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