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April 2016 Archives

Michigan's habitual drunk driver laws

Drunk driving allegations are serious. A DUI conviction could lead to significant problems including jail, fines, license suspension and problems with one's personal and professional lives. However, a Michigan resident could be facing even tougher penalties if he or she is deemed a habitual alcohol offender.

Defending against robbery allegations

Michigan's criminal legal system is not black and white. Instead, it is a nebulous patchwork of rules that weave in and out of our lives, threatening to interfere when situations are misperceived and false allegations made. Therefore, when a disagreement or altercation arises, there is a significant possibility that the criminal justice system will come into play. The outcome of these situations is often dependent upon the facts of the situation and the accused individual's ability to defend him or herself.

Michigan principal acquitted of sex crime against student

At any given time, an individual can get into an altercation with another, and tension can remain for days, weeks, months or even years. In these instances, it can be common for one party or another to make false accusations against the other, when the opportunity arises. When this happens, an individual can wind up facing serious criminal charges that could threaten to destroy his or her reputation and future.

Criminal defense: what is a suspended sentence?

Perhaps, the biggest concern amongst Michigan residents facing criminal charges is the potential for jail or prison time. Their fear is not unfounded. Many crimes carry penalties, including lengthy incarceration, that can devastate their personal and professional lives, and shatter their hopes for the future. However, to obtain a better understanding of the potential penalties they are facing and to better prepare themselves for plea bargain negotiations, should they choose to engage in such negotiations, those facing criminal charges should learn about the different types of sentencing they may face.

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