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May 2016 Archives

Kalamazoo man facing felony human trafficking charges

Many Michigan residents have a criminal history. Though, those who have paid their debt to society should have their prior convictions left where they belong. In the past, they can come up if allegations of recent criminal wrongdoing arise. This can be challenging for accused individuals to deal with, since they are innocent until proven guilty. In instances where the new allegations involve a criminal offense that many deem extremely offensive, one’s history can be examined with an even larger magnifying glass.

What is rape in Michigan?

Perhaps, no other criminal offense causes more disgust amongst the general public than rape. Therefore, those who are accused of a sex crime, like rape, are often treated unfairly. Though all criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty, in the court of public opinion, these individuals might be deemed guilty by many before they have their day in court.

Our firm competently handles DUI evidentiary issues

In the big picture of criminal law, where allegations of murder, rape and hate crimes can be made, drunk driving may seem like a relatively minor offense. Yet, for many Michiganders, a DUI charge and subsequent conviction can cause significant damage to their lives. Their reputation can be damaged, their driving privileges suspended or revoked and they might wind up facing jail time and fines. This can drastically impact their personal and professional lives, perhaps even leading to the loss of one's job.

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