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June 2016 Archives

Kalamazoo man charged with second-degree murder

Every criminal case that is brought in Michigan is unique. Even when two cases have the same charges, the underlying facts and the applicable law can be different. Therefore, there are some cases where raising doubt as to the defendant's guilt is relatively easy, while other cases are extremely difficult to refute the charges. Yet, even in these latter cases, having a strong criminal defense can be critical, as it may allow a defendant to avoid the harshest criminal charges and penalties.

Criminal defense and the chain of custody

Michigan residents who are charged with a criminal offense face the possibility of going to trial. In fact, it's their right to take a matter to trial if they so wish. At trial, it is the prosecution that bears the burden of proof. This means that a criminal defense needs to only raise doubt as to the defendant's guilt and poke holes in the prosecution's arguments. In other words, innocence does not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, guilt does.

Our Michigan legal team fights against drug charges

There are a lot of criminal allegations that can cause serious harm not only to a Michigander's reputation, but also their very freedom. Amongst these serious criminal charges are those related to drug offenses. As our society continues to wage its war on drugs, even low-level offenders can find themselves facing severe penalties upon conviction. As was discussed in last week's post, even those who maintain a drug establishment can be dealt a serious blow, if found guilty of a crime.

Drug charges for maintaining a drug establishment

When Michiganders think of drug charges, they often think of possessing and/or selling narcotics. Though these types of offenses make up a significant number of criminal charges related to drugs, they are not the only ones. Previously on this blog, for example, we discussed the possession of drug paraphernalia and the punishment associated with a conviction on such a charge. Yet there are even more crimes and violations that can be considered drug-related.

What is hearsay and how does it play into criminal defense?

When individuals faces allegations of criminal wrongdoing, they will likely have to make arguments in their own favor or they may be convicted without much effort from the prosecution. In order to craft compelling, persuasive and admissible legal arguments, a criminal defendant must know the rules of evidence. Perhaps one of important is the concept of hearsay.

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