Our Michigan legal team fights against drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Drug Crimes

There are a lot of criminal allegations that can cause serious harm not only to a Michigander’s reputation, but also their very freedom. Amongst these serious criminal charges are those related to drug offenses. As our society continues to wage its war on drugs, even low-level offenders can find themselves facing severe penalties upon conviction. As was discussed in last week’s post, even those who maintain a drug establishment can be dealt a serious blow, if found guilty of a crime.

In many drug cases, prosecutors are armed with significant evidence. There might also be witnesses whose testimony is especially damaging. Often, a quick glimpse at a prosecution’s case leads one to believe that their arguments are airtight, and the defendant is doomed. Though there are some cases where the evidence is difficult to overcome, there is frequently a strong criminal defense argument to make.

The legal team at our firm, David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is skilled at finding these arguments and crating them into a legal strategy. The intent behind our legal work is to raise reasonable doubt as to a defendant’s guilt as guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, we might attack a witness’s credibility, evidence collection processes or other evidentiary issues.

Those who have been charged with a drug crime can easily fall into defeatism and inactivity. However, it is critical that if one is facing criminal allegations that they prepare themselves as fully as possible to confront the accusations. By working with a competent legal professional, like those at our firm, the accused might be able to find the confidence and legal arguments needed to puncture holes in the prosecution’s case and reach a favorable outcome.



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