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July 2016 Archives

Michigan police officer under investigation for sexual assault

Allegations of any kind of criminal wrongdoing can be harmful to an accused individual, but the damage can be exponentially larger when those allegations involve sex crimes. These crimes are often considered more heinous than other crimes and are thus aggressively prosecuted. They oftentimes garner more attention, too, forcing an accused individual to not only face a court of law but also the court of public opinion. When this is the case, it might be wise to seek out legal assistance.

What is "sexual contact" with regard to sex crimes?

When individuals think of sex crimes, they often think of forcible rape and child molestation. Though these two types of sex crimes make up a significant number of offenses in this area of law, they are not the only sex crime charges an individual may face. Statutory rape, for example, may not be "forcible" in the sense that some rapes are; however, it is a sex crime that is punishable by harsh penalties that can severely damage an individual's life.

Our firm knows how to utilize the law

The criminal legal system is a complex web of statutes, case law and rules of evidence. Last week on the blog, we discussed one aspect of this intricate system: character evidence. As important as this issue can be in your criminal case, it likely won't be the only one. You might face issues with regard to chain of custody, hearsay, improperly authenticated documents, statute of limitations and legal precedent. If you don't handle these matters properly at trial, then a prosecutor will likely take advantage of you, meaning that your mistake could lead to your conviction.

Character evidence: inadmissibility and exceptions

When facing criminal charges, defendants have a lot to think about. There are, of course, the potential penalties and the determination of whether to plea bargain, but, if a matter goes to trial, even more complicated issues can arise. The rules of evidence are complex, and failing to have a firm grasp on them can lead to a defendant being taken advantage of during trial and limiting their options on appeal. Therefore, Michiganders facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing should ensure that they or their criminal defense attorney know how to use the rules of evidence to their advantage.

Fingerprints are not necessarily condemning in criminal case

We've all seen the detective shows where investigators catch a big break in their case when they find a fingerprint. Oftentimes on television, the discovery of fingerprints leads the police to a suspect, and, ultimately, a conviction. Real life is a little different, but the gist of fingerprints is the same. Fingerprints have been used for identification purposes since ancient Babylonian times. But, it wasn't until the fourteenth century that the idea of unique fingerprints was established.

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