Michigan police officer under investigation for sexual assault

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Allegations of any kind of criminal wrongdoing can be harmful to an accused individual, but the damage can be exponentially larger when those allegations involve sex crimes. These crimes are often considered more heinous than other crimes and are thus aggressively prosecuted. They oftentimes garner more attention, too, forcing an accused individual to not only face a court of law but also the court of public opinion. When this is the case, it might be wise to seek out legal assistance.

A Michigan police officer might be considering his defense options now that he is under investigation for alleged sexual assault. According to police, the officer arrested a man for DUI and dropped his passenger off at a hotel. According to allegations, once the officer was off-duty, he returned to the hotel and sexually assaulted the female passenger. The police’s report is currently with the local prosecutor who will determine if filing criminal charges is appropriate.

The accused officer in this case resigned from his position as a result of the allegations. This serves to illustrate just how wide-reaching the damage can be when facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing. Not only is one’s freedom at stake but also his or her reputation and financial well being. Those who are convicted of a criminal offense, particularly a sex offense, may have difficulty recovering from the harm suffered.

Therefore, those who are under investigation or have been charged with a sex crime, such as rape or sexual assault, should put forth the best criminal defense they can. By speaking with an experienced defense attorney, these individuals may be able to develop a strategy that seeks to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and raise doubt as to his or her guild.

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