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On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2016 | Drug Crimes

Previously, this blog discussed constructive possession as it relates to drug charges and how it can affect a criminal prosecution. This is merely one of a number of drug charges a Michigan resident may face. Nearly all drug offenses carry the potential for significant penalties that can throw your life into disarray in more ways than one. You may be incarcerated and lose your freedom as a result, you might be forced to pay financially damaging fines and your reputation may be affected, impacting your personal and professional lives for years to come.

This is why if you are facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing you might want to seek out legal counsel. A competent attorney knows the law and how it applies to your case. He or she can also identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Then, through either plea negotiations or trial, a criminal defense attorney can use the tools at his or her disposal to exploit those weaknesses and, hopefully, reach a resolution that is fair under the circumstances.

At David G Moore Attorney at Law, our legal team knows the law and how to craft compelling criminal defenses. When we take on a case, we assess the facts and see how we can use the rules of evidence to suppress key evidence and witness testimony. We are honest with our clients, but we aren’t afraid to take a matter to trial if our clients so choose. However, we ensure that all of our clients are aware of their legal options and the potential advantages and disadvantages of taking certain actions.

Facing a criminal matter can be frightening, stressful and totally overwhelming. Yet, having a skilled legal team by your side may help you feel like your best interests and legal rights are protected, thereby giving you the best possible chance of success under the circumstances.



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