Kalamazoo man facing drug charges after search of home

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Drug Crimes

Facing drug charges is no laughing matter, as it could result in serious penalties, including decades behind bars and tens of thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the damage to a convicted individual’s reputation. Thus, the stakes are high in these cases, and aggressive prosecutors will likely pursue the case, armed with legal knowledge and the facts twisted in a way that supports their position. To combat this legal onslaught, those facing allegations of having committed a drug offense should prepare as strong of a criminal defense is as possible under the circumstances.

A Kalamazoo man will likely need this help now after being taken into custody for allegedly possessing, with the intent to distribute, a number of drugs, including crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs, along with money, were found in a home. Detectives also claim that they have seized more than 270 grams of cocaine, with a street value of $15,000.

The accused individual is now facing a number of criminal charges related to drug possession and drug distribution. If he fails to protect his legal rights, then he may be facing a criminal conviction and harsh penalties. In addition to prison, fines and damage to his reputation, he may have trouble finding adequate employment, education and housing, even after paying his debt to society.

Therefore, it is critical that this defendant, and others who are facing serious drug charges, take the steps necessary to craft a compelling and persuasive criminal defense. Depending on the circumstances of a case, there may be many ways to attack the prosecution’s case. For this reason, it might be helpful for those accused individuals to discuss their case with a legal professional, should they choose to seek one out.

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