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October 2016 Archives

Challenging the elements of felony crimes in Michigan

There are a large number of felonies recognized under Michigan law, any one of which can turn a Michigan resident's life upside down. A felony criminal record can cause an individual to lose a job, struggle to find other employment, be turned down for apartment leases and even be denied financial aid for a college education. Not to mention, a convicted felon will likely have to spend a significant time incarcerated and pay a fine.

Assault penalties can be enhanced when a weapon is used

Nearly all of us have been in a disagreement with another person. Most of the time these verbal altercations remain verbal and quickly dissipate. In some cases, however, an argument can evolve into a physical fight. In the aftermath of these instances, criminal charges may be filed. Assault charges are quite serious and carry the potential for harsh penalties. Those penalties can be enhanced when the individual uses a dangerous weapon while committing an assault.

Challenging willfulness and premeditation in murder charges

Violence is very real in our society. Whether on television or in our local communities, images of assault, robbery, manslaughter and murder permeate our culture. For some Michiganders, this violence can lead to criminal charges, which will be aggressively prosecuted by the state. Defending against allegations of violent crimes can be challenging, particularly with the media's portrayal of a criminal defendant can make him or her appear guilty before being adjudicated as such by a court of law. Therefore, those facing criminal charges need to aggressively pursue their defense strategy in hopes of avoiding harsh penalties.

Credit card fraud: felony offense with harsh penalties

In our digital economy, where money can be earned and spent with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a card, physical currency is becoming somewhat obsolete. Though many may see this as a more efficient way to handle money, it raises a number of issues that can leave a Michigan resident facing felony criminal charges.

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