Creepy clown social media post leads to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Criminal Defense

It seems quite frequently there are reports of Michigan residents who attempt to make a joke and wind up facing criminal charges. The experience can be frightening and lead to some very serious penalties that carry long-lasting consequences. When Michigan residents face allegations on criminal activity, they need to carefully consider what legal steps they can take to protect themselves.

A Kalamazoo teen may need to do this now after being charged with two felonies. According to police, the 17-year-old made threats against two local schools via a social media post. The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety apparently dispatched additional officers to bus stops and school building after the post. It appears that the incident was part of the “creepy clown” craze that has been discussed on numerous news outlets.

The teen is now facing the potential of up to 11 years in prison for making a threat of terrorism and using a computer to commit a crime. If convicted, he will likely also suffer extensive damage to his reputation, future employment prospects and even living arrangements. Therefore, he will need to consider his legal options and pick a strategy that works best for him. If he chooses not to get the information he needs to protect his legal rights, prosecutors may take advantage of his lack of legal knowledge. This, in the end, can lead to disastrous results.

All Michigan residents who are charged with a crime will usually consider getting more information in order to help them better understand their situation and their legal options. By doing so, an accused individual may be able to exploit legal avenues to their advantage, which could lead to lesser penalties or, perhaps, dropped charges or an acquittal.

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