Fighting for those accused of sex crimes in Michigan

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Being accused of any crime can should cause you concern. After all, the threat of conviction may force you to think about the potential penalties, which may include prison and fines. Allegations of sex crimes can take an even larger toll. As we discussed in last week’s post, an individual convicted of a sex crime in Michigan will have to register with the sex offender registry, and this can drastically affect just about every aspect of his or her life.

With so much at stake, those accused of committing a sex crime need to put forth the most aggressive, well-prepared, and thorough defense strategy they can muster. The defense will need to question key witnesses, analyze physical evidence, and prepare legal arguments in support of their positions. They will need to attack the prosecution’s case by challenging witness credibility, seeking to suppress evidence, and creating reasonable doubt as to guilt.

Successfully doing this requires a lot of legal knowledge and hard work. At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, our legal team draws on its years of experience to develop a legal strategy that supports each clients’ unique set of circumstances. We know the law and the rules of evidence, and we use that knowledge to aggressive advocate for our clients’ position.

In the end, our clients control the direction their case takes. However, we ensure that our clients know their legal options, then zealously represent them when they decide which route to take. We know how to negotiate plea bargains and how to improve the odds of obtaining an acquittal at trial. We know that our clients’ futures are on the line, and we take seriously our responsibility to represent them zealously.



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