Sex crime convictions can have long-term effects in Michigan

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Individuals who have been charged with a crime often fear the potential sentence they face if convicted. A sentence may include prison, fines, and restitution. But other consequences of a conviction can reach much further and cause lifelong problems. A felony conviction in Michigan can leave an individual with a criminal record that can cause many difficulties in their personal and professional lives, and these matters should be taken into consideration when developing a legal strategy.

Those who are convicted of sex crimes, for example, often face serious difficulties even after serving their prison sentences. Many individuals who are forced to register with the Sex Offender Registry find that their pictures are posted in fliers, displaying their history for all to see. Many others find that they have more run-ins with the police simply because they are registered sex offenders.

But that’s not all. The consequences of being convicted of a sex crime can be wide-ranging. According to one study, many of these individuals have lost a job, been passed over for promotion, and even denied bank loans because of their conviction. They have been denied access to certain housing, been asked to leave a business, and even publicly harassed by those who recognize them as offenders.

With these long-lasting and often devastating effects in mind, those facing allegations of committing a sex crime need to aggressively defend themselves. A criminal defense attorney who is experienced at handling these types of cases can help fight the charges and prevent serious penalties that could ruin an individual’s life.

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