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December 2016 Archives

Fleeing the police is a felony in Michigan

Most Michigan residents have been pulled over by the police at one time or another. The experience can be stressful and intimidating, even when the stop is for something minor, like a nonfunctioning taillight. For this reason, some individuals may be wary of stopping when instructed to do so by a police officer. Although that feeling may have some justification, it is against the law to fail to stop when instructed to do so by an officer.

Michigan's larceny penalties increase with subsequent offenses

Theft, also known as larceny, is a common crime in Michigan, and the penalties are often harsh. Generally speaking, the penalties imposed on an individual for a larceny conviction are dependent upon the value of the items stolen. However, there are other circumstances that could lead to enhanced penalties.

Michigan's discharge and dismissal program for drug offenses

If you are facing drug charges for the first time, you're probably worried about the penalties a conviction can deal to you. You might be afraid of being sent to prison, being forced to pay devastating fines, and having your record marred for years to come. Although these could all be real possibilities, in many cases there are other options. One of these options is a Michigan program called discharge and dismissal.

Michigan man may face murder charges after victim dies

Sometimes after a person is charged with a crime, he or she winds up facing new charges that are far more serious than the initial charge. This amplifies the need for a strong criminal defense, as an upgrade in criminal charges could mean years in prison if prosecutors are successful in obtaining a conviction.

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