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February 2017 Archives

Michigan penalties for assault with intent to commit a sex crime

Sex crimes are punished harshly in Michigan, and the stigma attached to those convicted of these offenses can be life-changing. Many people convicted of sex crimes are never again able to reclaim their normal lives. In addition to serving prison time, convicted sex offenders also have to register with the sex offender registry, which can affect their ability to find housing and employment.

Kalamazoo traffic stop results in serious criminal charges

When a motorist is pulled over by a police officer, things can escalate quickly. A minor traffic stop, for example, can quickly turn into a vehicle search and the discovery of troubling evidence. Individuals can then face significantly more serious charges that may lead to years behind bars and a ruined reputation. When an accused individual's future is on the line, they need to do everything they can to protect their legal rights and fight back against overzealous prosecutors.

We know how to fight Michigan drug charges in court

Regardless of laws legalizing marijuana going into effect in some other states, the war on drugs wages on in Michigan. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors still aggressively pursue drug cases, and the penalties handed down to those convicted of drug crimes can be quite severe. Prison is often a reality. So, too, are large fines. But the damage caused to one's reputation can be just as damaging, if not more so. Having a drug conviction on one's record can affect an individual's ability to find employment and housing, and it could even limit their access to college financial aid, thereby dampening their future prospects.

Felony drunk driving charges carry harsh penalties

Drunk driving is a legal issue that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Motorists are often unable to tell whether they are beyond the legal limit, and police officers often overstep their bounds when pulling over and arresting motorists for suspicion of drunk driving. Although a DUI conviction may seem like a relatively minor offense, the truth of the matter is much different. A first time conviction can lead to a six month driver's license suspension (or more for higher BAC levels), up to a year in jail, community service, and fines.

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