Charges based on violent crimes can be severely punished

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Violent Crimes

All criminal charges are serious, but those based on the alleged commission of violent crimes can be punished with significant penalties that may deprive Kalamazoo residents of their freedom and rights. Particularly, crimes, such as rape, homicide and aggravated assault can be met with sanctions, such as extensive prison sentences and the possibly of those convicted never being paroled.

Due to the dire punishments that may befall individuals who face accusations of committing violent crimes, many individuals whose liberties are threatened seek the counsel of criminal defense attorneys to provide them with legal knowledge and support. The retainer of a criminal defense attorney does not guarantee that a person will avoid conviction on their charges, but selecting the right criminal defense attorney can provide a person caught in the Michigan criminal justice system with an advocate committed to supporting the individual’s criminal defense strategy.

David G. Moore, attorney at law, offers his criminal defense clients a unique advantage as he formerly served as a prosecutor in the county courts of Michigan. As he has tried cases against individuals in situations similar to those of his current clients, he offers individuals an important perspective on how the prosecutors on their cases may proceed.

Kalamazoo residents who are facing accusations of committing violent crimes may be fearful about what their futures hold. Despite the fact that the outcomes of criminal trials cannot be predicted, criminal defendants can find some peace of mind when they choose to work with criminal defense counselors who are prepared to fight for their rights. To learn more about attorney David G. Moore and his Portage-based legal practice, please visit the firm online at its violent crimes webpage.



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