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May 2017 Archives

Is rape a felony in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, specific crimes, such as rape, sexual assault and sexual battery, are contained in the general category of criminal sexual conduct. There are different levels of criminal sexual conduct that the state recognizes, and some of those different levels rise to the level of felony charges.

Punishments can vary for drunk driving and DUI convictions

Michigan law dictates the serious punishments that individuals may face if they are found guilty of DUI and alcohol-based driving charges. This post will generally discuss some of the penalties that they may be required to comply with in the wake of their convictions. But, those readers with case-specific questions are asked to discuss their inquiries with criminal defense attorneys. This post is not intended to provide legal advice.

Criminal defense strategies can protect your freedom

When a Michigan prosecutor chooses to file criminal charges against a person, they must prove the elements of the crimes they allege the suspect committed. In most cases, a prosecutor must show that a criminal defendant committed some prohibited act and did so with the requisite mindset. They must provide evidence to make these proofs, and they must satisfy either the judge or jury on their case to an established degree of proof that the accused is guilty of the alleged crimes.

Tougher drunk driving laws are not the most effective deterrent

When a drunk driver causes a fatal accident or one that results in life-changing injuries, it often ignites demands for tougher drunk driving laws. However, recent studies indicate that tougher drunk driving laws may not be the best deterrent to drunk driving. A survey indicates that increasing the likelihood of arrest and apprehension of drunk drivers is more effective than tougher penalties in lowering drunk driving rates.

Dozens of sex offenders facing charges after registry sweep

Conviction on a sex crime can leave a person with significant restrictions on their rights and little privacy when they return to their post-sentencing lives. In Michigan, convicted sex offenders are required to register with the state's sex offender registry and are subject to home checks and other administrative requirements. If during a check, they are found to be out of compliance with a requirement, then they may face serious consequences that can include imprisonment.

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