Michigan residents may file for “no fault” divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Divorce

In years past it was not uncommon for Americans to have to allege fault in order to secure divorces. For example, different jurisdictions would offer individuals a list of grounds on which to base their divorces, ranging from incarceration and intoxication to adultery, cruelty and abuse. Because pleading and proving fault in court opened litigants up to intense scrutiny, many jurisdictions added “no fault” bases on which people could ask the courts to end their marriages. In Michigan, individuals who wish to divorce have only one basis on which to proceed, and that is the no fault option.

In order to secure a divorce in Michigan, a person must allege that their marriage has broken down, that the objects of their matrimony have been destroyed and that there is no reasonable chance that the marriage can be salvaged. The relevant statute offers specific language that people seeking divorces should include in their pleadings, and attorneys who offer family law and divorce services can assist them with drafting their court documents.

Michigan’s no fault divorce option allows individuals to pursue divorce without having to put their family problems on display in court. There are other requirements that individuals must meet before they may be eligible to secure divorces in Michigan courts, and these requirements relate to the duration of the parties’ residency within the state. Our readers who plan to file for divorce are encouraged to learn more about the procedural aspects of the divorce process before initiating it on their own.

Divorces can be difficult and filled with conflict. No fault divorces do not eliminate the tensions that exist when marriages come to their ends, but with the support of trusted family law attorneys Michigan residents are able to move their lives forward and complete their divorces using the state’s no fault basis.



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