Those accused of DUI can build a legitimate criminal defense

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Different people will reach or exceed the legal limit for drunk driving differently, so it’s easy to see how someone could be pulled over and be charged with DUI. Whether it’s your first DUI charge or you have been accused or convicted before, there are ways to build a legitimate criminal defense. Despite the evidence, everyone has a right to seek counsel and build a defense that tells their side of the story. The potential consequences can vary in severity for those who are ultimately convicted of drunk driving charges. Minimizing those consequences, or preventing a specific consequence, like a license suspension, may be goals of someone who is charged with DUI.

There are a few tactics for building a credible criminal defense that can be customized to a person’s DUI charge. Litigation is one strategy, which is built around a defense in which a person was improperly handled or charged and thus it affects the evidence presented by the prosecution. Another tactic that may be more applicable to certain situations is about minimizing the damage that a DUI charge and conviction could have on the accused and their family. It might be a combination of these two tactics that are in fact the best criminal defense strategy for you or a loved one accused of DUI.

Every person’s story is different and thus their criminal defense strategy will be uniquely tailored to them. While facing a drunk driving charge is never a desired situation to be in, there is a way to put the best foot forward. Looking to the future is more helpful than obsessing over the past. It can lead to better results.



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