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Exclusionary rule is an important legal protection

Anyone who watches crime shows has probably heard television detectives discussing evidence, warrants and probable cause. While the sensational aspects of police dramas may overshadow these legal concepts, it is important for our readers in Michigan to know that rules do apply to law enforcement officials when they perform searches of suspects' homes, vehicles and persons. One of those rules is the exclusionary rule, and it has its basis in a Supreme Court decision from more than a century ago.

Criminal defense representation for your serious charges

Acts of violence are generally non-existent in the lives of Kalamazoo residents. In fact, after the occasional childhood scuffle that a person may get into with their siblings or friends, most grown-ups live their lives without ever having to deal with altercations of assault or battery. Some people, however, do find themselves in difficult situations in which they may have to use force or threats to prevent themselves or others from suffering harm.

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