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On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Violent Crimes

Acts of violence are generally non-existent in the lives of Kalamazoo residents. In fact, after the occasional childhood scuffle that a person may get into with their siblings or friends, most grown-ups live their lives without ever having to deal with altercations of assault or battery. Some people, however, do find themselves in difficult situations in which they may have to use force or threats to prevent themselves or others from suffering harm.

When a person is threatened with violence themselves, or when a person sees a loved one threatened with violence, they may have the right to offer proportional force to that which the aggressor is inflicting upon their intended victim. If the aggressor is harmed in the process, the person may have defenses to any criminal charges that are filed against them in the form of self-defense or defense of others.

Crafting a defense strategy to charges of violence can be challenging because the requirements for prevailing on the defenses are very specific. A person may have to plead their defense in a very unique way and apply facts carefully in order to demonstrate their proper use of a criminal defense recognized under Michigan law.

Attorney David G. Moore understands how much a criminal charge based in violence can impact the course of a Kalamazoo resident’s life. For this reason, he works to make sure that each of his criminal defense clients is represented with the utmost care and with an attention to the details of their individual cases, particularly for violent crimes.



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