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Law enforcement agencies use a sham investigative tool, report says

Since the early 1990s, criminal convictions nationwide have been based in part on an "outlandish mindreading tool" that has never been proven to deliver accurate results. In fact, studies have revealed that the tool is as effective as "flipping a coin."

Key facts about white collar criminal charges

Though white collar crimes do not usually involve physical harm, they are still quite dangerous and, therefore, are held very serious by the courts. If you face accusations of a white collar crime, you face criminal charges that may come with significant penalties.

Should police departments engage in photo-shaming via Facebook?

When a woman allegedly struck six separate mailboxes before crashing onto a lawn and coming to rest among some trees, local police were on the case. When she turned out to have a live lizard inside her bra, they were amused. They posted a flippant account of the arrest on the departmental Facebook page.

Criminal defense strategies can protect your freedom

When a Michigan prosecutor chooses to file criminal charges against a person, they must prove the elements of the crimes they allege the suspect committed. In most cases, a prosecutor must show that a criminal defendant committed some prohibited act and did so with the requisite mindset. They must provide evidence to make these proofs, and they must satisfy either the judge or jury on their case to an established degree of proof that the accused is guilty of the alleged crimes.

What defenses are available to assault and battery charges?

Assault and battery charges stem from unwanted physical contact between individuals. Generally, the individual who initiates the contact against another will be charged with assault and battery, though the charges may apply to all parties involved depending upon the facts of the incident. In Michigan, there are a variety of defenses that a person may be able to apply if facing these serious criminal charges.

Kalamazoo traffic stop results in serious criminal charges

When a motorist is pulled over by a police officer, things can escalate quickly. A minor traffic stop, for example, can quickly turn into a vehicle search and the discovery of troubling evidence. Individuals can then face significantly more serious charges that may lead to years behind bars and a ruined reputation. When an accused individual's future is on the line, they need to do everything they can to protect their legal rights and fight back against overzealous prosecutors.

The importance of the trial record for a Michigan criminal appeal

An individual who is convicted of a crime in Michigan has the right to appeal that conviction. Knowing how cases are heard on appeal is critical because the steps an accused individual takes during an initial case can shape the way his or case is resolved on appeal.

Michigan's larceny penalties increase with subsequent offenses

Theft, also known as larceny, is a common crime in Michigan, and the penalties are often harsh. Generally speaking, the penalties imposed on an individual for a larceny conviction are dependent upon the value of the items stolen. However, there are other circumstances that could lead to enhanced penalties.

A felon who possesses a gun can be charged with a crime

There are many Michigan residents who own guns. This right is cherished by many, and respected by the law. But, those who have been convicted on a crime may find themselves in hot water again if they fail to pay attention to the gun laws as they relate to those who are convicted of crimes. This, in turn, could result in more criminal charges, as well as the potential for significant penalties, which could include prison and fines.

Creepy clown social media post leads to criminal charges

It seems quite frequently there are reports of Michigan residents who attempt to make a joke and wind up facing criminal charges. The experience can be frightening and lead to some very serious penalties that carry long-lasting consequences. When Michigan residents face allegations on criminal activity, they need to carefully consider what legal steps they can take to protect themselves.

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