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Michigan residents may file for "no fault" divorce

In years past it was not uncommon for Americans to have to allege fault in order to secure divorces. For example, different jurisdictions would offer individuals a list of grounds on which to base their divorces, ranging from incarceration and intoxication to adultery, cruelty and abuse. Because pleading and proving fault in court opened litigants up to intense scrutiny, many jurisdictions added "no fault" bases on which people could ask the courts to end their marriages. In Michigan, individuals who wish to divorce have only one basis on which to proceed, and that is the no fault option.

You have rights when it comes to managing your divorce

Although many individuals think about divorce as an emotional, personal process, it truly is a legal undertaking. There are, of course, elements of divorce that tug at the hearts of Kalamazoo residents who choose to go through it, but at its very core a divorce is the termination of a legal relationship that was created through marriage.

Citadel founder involved in divorce

Michigan investors may be interested in knowing that the founder of Citadel LLC has filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, citing differences that cannot be resolved. The man allegedly filed for divorce without his wife's knowledge. The divorce came after a year of separation, and the petition for divorce requested joint custody of children, all of whom are less than six years old.

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