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Kalamazoo drug raid yields cocaine, firearms, paraphernalia

The Kalamazoo Metro SWAT Team, along with local police, raided a Kalamazoo home on Feb. 21 and found drugs and firearms, among other items. In executing a search warrant, authorities found drugs, including 14 baggies of crack cocaine and 27 baggies of marijuana, all packaged for sale.

Police seize marijuana, vehicle and cash in drug raid

A tip led police to investigate a barn for possible marijuana cultivation in Covert Township, less than an hour outside Kalamazoo. The tip proved correct, as the Feb. 13 drug raid resulted in 27 marijuana plants seized.

FBI agent raids home, finds marijuana cultivation operation

Investigators in Van Buren County, Michigan, recently busted an indoor marijuana growing cultivation in the area and had reason to believe that some of the suspects would be found in Bangor, about 40 minutes outside Kalamazoo. An FBI agent and narcotics detectives carried out another marijuana raid on January 24.

Marijuana, mushrooms seized in morning-time Michigan traffic stop

Kalamazoo residents and readers of this blog are well aware of police efforts to crack down on controlled substances. Often, police will use a traffic stop as an excuse to search a vehicle, as we discussed in a post last month. More recently, a traffic stop in Burr Oak, a little over an hour outside Kalamazoo, led to a seizure of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms by St. Joseph County police officers.

Traffic stop leads to marijuana bust, possession charge

In western Michigan, just over an hour from Kalamazoo, a man was pulled over by police for driving with no working taillights. After stopping the man, authorities found more than one gram of marijuana and 21 pills inside the vehicle. Police also found a scale, which they claim was used for weighing drugs.

Marijuana charges pending in Michigan investigation

Michigan police have finished a three-week investigation of a drug trafficking operation, which apparently operated about 50 miles from Kalamazoo. The investigation began after officers were called to a residence regarding a complaint of people smoking marijuana.

Charges pending after major Michigan marijuana grow house raid

Although no charges have been brought yet, police are investigating a 30-year-old man and 25-year-old woman from Paw Paw, Michigan. According to police, they searched the couple's residence when they were not home, finding marijuana plants growing inside. It is unclear whether the police had a warrant.Among the items police claim they seized from the home were firearms, approximately two pounds of marijuana, over 100 marijuana plants, packaging items, scales to weigh the drugs, several thousand dollars in cash and two vehicles.

2 suspected of trafficking marijuana arrested in Michigan home

A 32-year-old man was arrested in his home for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after a drug bust in Berrien County, Michigan. A 22-year-old woman also inside the home was arrested on a warrant for drug possession. The man is currently in jail awaiting his arraignment and the woman posted bond while awaiting her arraignment.

Arrests made after Kalamazoo police get tough on cruising

A recent crackdown in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has led to multiple arrests. Police arrested several people over a three-day period for drug-related crimes, including several marijuana-related charges. None of the people charged have been convicted yet, and many of them will likely fight their charges.

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