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Methamphetamines Archives

Police discover condemned home as site of meth lab

A home previously condemned due to a lack of running water was raided by the Central Michigan Enforcement Team on Feb. 28. Authorities focused on the home in Ionia - an hour and 20 minutes outside Kalamazoo - after discovering that the residence was the location of a meth lab.

Search of home leads police to meth lab, firearms

Two people have been arrested after police raided a home in Porter Township, Michigan, less than an hour outside Kalamazoo. Police searched the home on the evening of February 7 and allegedly found meth, marijuana, prescription drugs and firearms. There was also reportedly evidence of a meth lab in the home.

Kalamazoo woman arrested for meth after violating probation

Drugs can be highly addictive, and those who are in the grips of serious addiction can become the subject of criminal charges. This may be the case for one woman who was arrested for possession of methamphetamine possession after she was allegedly found in violation of her parole.

Kalamazoo law enforcement raid meth home, arrest three

Those who make and sell drugs from their home may be under investigation by law enforcement. That is the message that the Kalamazoo COPS Unit brought home after raiding a meth home in Vicksburg, about a half-hour outside Kalamazoo, on Jan. 5.

Sheriff's department makes three arrests after busting meth lab

A drug bust in Hartford, a little over a half-hour outside Kalamazoo, has led to three arrests. Detectives from Van Buren County Sheriff's Office searched two homes on the same street on the morning of Dec. 12. One of the homes contained a meth lab.

Kalamazoo man arrested after police find meth, other drugs in can

When investigating possible crimes, police will often use the power of a search warrant to scour the location defined by the warrant. In a recent case involving a 31-year-old Kalamazoo man, this fact was made clear when police allegedly found drugs hidden in an interesting location.

Michigan man left at hospital with burns, faces meth lab charges

A woman recently dropped off a Van Buren County man at a local hospital and left without giving an explanation about how the man got severe burns on his body. The 60-year-old man had suffered burns on his stomach, legs and hands a day earlier, but was not taken to the hospital until almost noon the next day. Detectives determined that the man suffered the burns from his involvement in a meth lab.

Methamphetamines found in Michigan home with 2 children

A search of a man's home in rural Cass County, about 45 miles outside Kalamazoo, has resulted in an arrest for drug charges. The Michigan man was arrested after police found methamphetamines and paraphernalia in his home. Police reportedly found two children living in the home.

Van Buren County meth bust results in drug charges

Four men have been indicted on drug charges after authorities seized 23 pounds of crystal meth about 50 miles outside of Kalamazoo. A U.S. attorney in Grand Rapids said that the men were arrested in Van Buren County on Aug. 13 and were charged in connection with an alleged drug smuggling ring. The meth was seized after undercover agents made several purchases.

23-year-old Michigan woman arrested for allegedly making meth

After receiving a tip about drug activity occurring at a Michigan residence, a young woman was recently arrested on charges related to running a meth lab in her home. Police allegedly drove by the home and observed some materials on the porch of the house consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamines. The officers were not allowed inside the house at that time; however, but they came back later with a search warrant.

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