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Dozens of sex offenders facing charges after registry sweep

Conviction on a sex crime can leave a person with significant restrictions on their rights and little privacy when they return to their post-sentencing lives. In Michigan, convicted sex offenders are required to register with the state's sex offender registry and are subject to home checks and other administrative requirements. If during a check, they are found to be out of compliance with a requirement, then they may face serious consequences that can include imprisonment.

What is the Michigan Sex Offender Registry?

When a person is convicted of committing certain sex crimes, they may be required to register their address with the state of Michigan. That registry is a database and is searchable by others, who can find out if convicted sex offenders are living within their neighborhoods and communities. Depending on the crime, if the individual is convicted, their name and address may remain on the registry for a period of 15 years, 25 years or the rest of their life.

Business owner accused of numerous sex crimes

Convictions on sex crimes in Michigan can carry with them very serious consequences and losses of rights for those who have been accused of committing such wrongdoing. Last week's post on this Kalamazoo criminal defense legal blog touched on some of the ways a person charged with sexual assault may offer defenses to the pending legal allegation; this week's post will introduce a news story that involves a local business owner facing sex crime charges of his own.

What defenses are available if facing sexual assault charges?

As recently discussed on this Michigan criminal defense law blog, a person can face significant legal penalties if they are convicted of a sexual assault crime. In Kalamazoo and the rest of the state, a person may face these serious charges if they are accused of having unwanted sexual contact with an alleged victim or procuring sexual contact through force, coercion or another manipulative tactic.

Michigan penalties for assault with intent to commit a sex crime

Sex crimes are punished harshly in Michigan, and the stigma attached to those convicted of these offenses can be life-changing. Many people convicted of sex crimes are never again able to reclaim their normal lives. In addition to serving prison time, convicted sex offenders also have to register with the sex offender registry, which can affect their ability to find housing and employment.

Fighting for those accused of sex crimes in Michigan

Being accused of any crime can should cause you concern. After all, the threat of conviction may force you to think about the potential penalties, which may include prison and fines. Allegations of sex crimes can take an even larger toll. As we discussed in last week's post, an individual convicted of a sex crime in Michigan will have to register with the sex offender registry, and this can drastically affect just about every aspect of his or her life.

Sex crime convictions can have long-term effects in Michigan

Individuals who have been charged with a crime often fear the potential sentence they face if convicted. A sentence may include prison, fines, and restitution. But other consequences of a conviction can reach much further and cause lifelong problems. A felony conviction in Michigan can leave an individual with a criminal record that can cause many difficulties in their personal and professional lives, and these matters should be taken into consideration when developing a legal strategy.

Questions to ask when facing an enticement charge

As readers of this blog know, the state of Michigan takes sex crime allegations seriously. These alleged offenses are among the most aggressively prosecuted and contain some of the toughest penalties. Those who are accused of committing a sex offense may be in for a difficult fight as, unfortunately, these individuals are often portrayed as guilty before being proven so. This means that they need to have a criminal defense that is thorough, persuasive and equally aggressive.

Michigan police officer under investigation for sexual assault

Allegations of any kind of criminal wrongdoing can be harmful to an accused individual, but the damage can be exponentially larger when those allegations involve sex crimes. These crimes are often considered more heinous than other crimes and are thus aggressively prosecuted. They oftentimes garner more attention, too, forcing an accused individual to not only face a court of law but also the court of public opinion. When this is the case, it might be wise to seek out legal assistance.

What is "sexual contact" with regard to sex crimes?

When individuals think of sex crimes, they often think of forcible rape and child molestation. Though these two types of sex crimes make up a significant number of offenses in this area of law, they are not the only sex crime charges an individual may face. Statutory rape, for example, may not be "forcible" in the sense that some rapes are; however, it is a sex crime that is punishable by harsh penalties that can severely damage an individual's life.

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