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Acts of violence are generally non-existent in the lives of Kalamazoo residents. In fact, after the occasional childhood scuffle that a person may get into with their siblings or friends, most grown-ups live their lives without ever having to deal with altercations of assault or battery. Some people, however, do find themselves in difficult situations in which they may have to use force or threats to prevent themselves or others from suffering harm.

What constitutes criminal assault?

While an assault may be generally defined as an alleged physical attack on another person's body, under Michigan law there are many different crimes that arise from the concept of assault. For example, there is simple assault and assault that committed with the intention of causing the alleged victim's death. Assaults can be perpetrated to prevent officials from performing their duties, such as law enforcement officials from performing searches or arrests, and assaults can be committed with weapons and firearms. As each type of assault under Michigan law may incorporate its own elements and requirements of proof, readers are encouraged to speak with criminal defense attorneys about their unique cases.

Just a threat of violence could land you in jail

We all know how easy it is to say things we don't mean in the heat of an argument. Most of the times those are empty words that later result in regret, but nothing more. However, there are times when the words can be considered a credible threat of violence. These can land a person in hot water in Michigan.

Kalamazoo man involved in police standoff arraigned on 5 charges

A 33-year-old Kalamazoo man who caused an 8-hour police standoff in Cooper Township has been arraigned on 5 charges. They include breaking and entering, possession of methamphetamine, reckless driving, and resisting or obstructing.

Potential sentences if convicted or pleading guilty to crime

After a trial, or after pleading to a criminal accusation or charge, the next step in the legal process is sentencing. Sentencing is the process in which a person is reprimanded for the crime they were convicted of or pled guilty to. It can include a variety of charges ranging in severity. For violent crimes, sentencing for these type of crimes can be most severe. Many factors go into sentencing decisions and the sentence may be handed down by a judge or jury.

Understanding Michigan's murder statute

The law recognizes different types of murder and upon conviction, punish them in different ways. This post will generally discuss first degree murder and second degree murder, under the state's statutes. Readers who require specific information about homicide or murder charges, currently pending in Michigan, should speak with criminal defense attorneys about their cases and options.

Charges based on violent crimes can be severely punished

All criminal charges are serious, but those based on the alleged commission of violent crimes can be punished with significant penalties that may deprive Kalamazoo residents of their freedom and rights. Particularly, crimes, such as rape, homicide and aggravated assault can be met with sanctions, such as extensive prison sentences and the possibly of those convicted never being paroled.

Kalamazoo man's criminal past fuels suspicions in mother's death

The law states that a criminal defendant is innocent until proven guilty of an alleged crime. However, when a Michigan resident is facing criminal charges, the court of public opinion is often quick to cast judgment. This is particularly true if the defendant has a previous criminal record.

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