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Drunk Driving

Extensive Experience Defending Clients

Probably more than any other offense, people from all walks of life find themselves faced with DUI charges of drinking and driving (a.k.a. OWI). The consequences of a DUI conviction in the state of Michigan have never been more severe: jail, probation, license restrictions, suspensions and revocations, fines and costs, and burdensome driver responsibility fees imposed by the Secretary of State.

Experienced Defense Against All OWI/OUIL/DWI Charges

The lawyers at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, have dealt with literally thousands of Michigan DUI cases. Our founding attorney, David Moore, has extensive experience as a prosecuting attorney and a Kalamazoo DUI defense lawyer in private practice. No matter what the charges, whether it’s your first offense or you’ve had multiple DUI offenses, our team can help limit the impact of a fateful arrest for drunk driving:

OWI Defense For Out-Of-State Drivers

We are available during nights, weekends and even holidays to come to the aid of nonresident drivers (college students, truck drivers, travelers) arrested on suspicion of drunk driving while passing through the Kalamazoo area.

A Two-Pronged Approach To Drunk Driving Defense

Our lawyers take a two-pronged approach to these types of cases: (1) litigation and (2) damage control. Both approaches are utilized evenly with one goal in mind — the best possible result for our clients.

In the litigation approach, we explore whether the contact with the police passes constitutional muster. Was there probable cause for the arrest, were field sobriety tests performed correctly, was the proper procedure followed when the evidence sample was obtained, was the operator qualified to operate the breath test machine, and was the machine accurate?

Damage control refers to exploring opportunities to avoid a criminal record, avoid jail and otherwise minimize the impact. This includes fighting for your driving privileges in the Secretary of State driver’s license hearing. We also work to ensure that those who have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse get the help they need and not merely punishment.

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