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Accused Of Elder Abuse In Michigan?

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If you are accused of abusing or neglecting an elderly person in Michigan, you are right to be concerned. You could potentially lose your job as a caregiver, face jail time or encounter other significant problems.

Turn to our team at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Over the years, our lawyers have handled thousands of cases involving criminal law, family law and bankruptcy law. David Moore, our firm’s founder, is also a former criminal prosecutor. This broad base of experience gives us the necessary insight to address even the most challenging elder abuse allegations.

Family Strife And Jealousy Can Lead To False Accusations

When you choose us to represent you, we will dig deep into the facts of the case. We will work to assess any complex financial motivations and emotional motivations within the family that may have led to a false allegation of abuse.

Even if the facts show that you were involved in an incident, a skilled lawyer may still be able to convince the court that you are not guilty of committing a crime. For instance, the victim may have been injured entirely by accident or you may have been acting in self-defense. Rely on us to carefully explore all available defenses to protect you from serious consequences.

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Elder abuse and neglect is a very complicated area of law, but we have the resources and knowledge to vigorously defend your rights. Call our Kalamazoo office at 269-216-4573. You can also reach us online to arrange a free, confidential consultation. We will respond promptly.