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We take pride in our representation against drug charges

As many Michiganders know, and as last week's post highlighted, drug charges are serious. The arrest process can be frightening, and you might become fearful for your future when you learn of the potential penalties you could face. Though confronting an aggressive prosecution may seem daunting, if you are facing drug crime allegations, it is imperative that you create a criminal defense strategy that works best for you given the facts of your situation.

2 Ironwood men face felony drug charges after raid

Two Michigan men have been charged with felony drug crimes following a major police raid that resulted in six arrests on Dec. 2. The raid took place around 8 a.m. at a residence on the 200 block of Oak Street in Ironwood.

Search of single home leads to 10 arrests in Kalamazoo

Authorities in Kalamazoo Township recently received information about a particular house in the area. Police suspected that drugs were an issue in this specific home, although it was unclear whether the suspicions were based on a citizen tip or other evidence.

Saline woman facing concurrent murder and drug charges

If facing one criminal charge in Kalamazoo is considered difficult, facing two charges may be thought to be absolutely impossible to overcome. Even if the two charges are unrelated, one can't help but be concerned that those hearing these cases may view such concurrent activity as an established pattern of criminal behavior. In fact, it's not that much of a stretch to think that the result of one criminal case will almost always have a direct influence on the outcome of another.

Kalamazoo drug raid nets eight suspects

It goes without saying that drug addiction is a very serious matter. Aside from the well-documented health risks that the use of illicit substances presents, many often find that such an addiction can easily land them in trouble with the law. While many in Kalamazoo may believe that they are immune from such troubles, the truth is that drug addiction can take root in almost any environment. Without help, such a problem can jeopardize one's personal freedom, damage his or her reputation, and completely take over his or her life.

Multiple charges await Lowell man after fatal accident

The potential penalties associated with an OWI arrest in Kalamazoo can be very serious. Attempting to combat those charges alone can be a difficult proposition. That difficulty only increases if one is charged with other felonies on top of a suspected drunk driving offense. While one may hope for an acceptable outcome to an OWI charge, the possibility of earning such an outcome is greatly diminished if one is also suspected of other offenses in connection to drunk driving.

Three face trafficking charges after Traverse City drug raid

A drug arrest can be a very complex matter to deal with. Most in Kalamazoo would probably assume that such an arrest is as simple as law enforcement finding drugs and arresting the person found to be in possession of them. Yet such cases are rarely that easy. Depending on the circumstances of one’s arrest, he or she may end up facing a myriad of charges. While a drug possession charge alone carries with it some serious consequences, one would hope to avoid any related charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

3 Three Rivers residents arrested in drug raid

An arrest for methamphetamine possession is a very serious matter in Grand Rapids. The potential criminal penalties that accompany it can vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest. If one is caught simply in possession of meth, he or she may face a misdemeanor charge along with court-mandated drug counseling. However, should the suspect be arrested with a large amount of the drug or if he or she has been arrested before for drug possession, a felony charge with an associated prison sentence is a real possibility.

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