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Facing legal challenges? We might be able to help

Last week we discussed an incident where four Michiganders were taken into custody for their alleged part in a carding scheme. Fraud is a very serious criminal offense, and those faced with such allegations may be in for quite a battle. Though the criminal justice system promises that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, with an ever active press and overwhelming allegations from the police and prosecutors, it you can easily feel like you have to prove your innocence.

Alleged carding scheme results in 4 arrests

In our digital age, criminal law has expanded exponentially. New criminal offenses have been created and old ones have taken on new meanings. Therefore, it is important that Michigan residents stay informed on the law so they know how they can prevent running afoul of it and, in the event that they are accused of criminal wrongdoing, they know how to ensure they are treated fairly.

Criminal charge sought against employees of Kalamazoo hospital

Healthcare providers often have difficult, exhausting jobs. Despite the hardships they may face, they remain dedicated to their jobs and continue to attempt to help their patients. Unfortunately, police in Kalamazoo claim that several employees of a psychiatric hospital assaulted a patient. The authorities have since recommended a criminal charge be filed against each of the workers allegedly involved.

What's said 'in the heat of the moment' can lead to trouble

There are some criminal charges that, while not always in practice, at least in name describe a certain offense. Then, there is a charge like disorderly conduct. Although there are parameters set by ordinance and statute, the term itself is broad; doing little to describe for the average citizen exactly which behaviors might disrupt the peace.

Grandville man's criminal history an issue in OWI accident trial

Being charged with any crime in Kalamazoo is a very serious matter. It can become even more serious should the accused have a previous criminal history. Repeat offenders don't often find much sympathy with the courts. One with a criminal history may find that even seemingly minor criminal accusations could leave him or her facing very serious penalties.

Grand Rapids man accepts plea deal in medical marijuana dispute

Having to mount a criminal defense is not something that a many Grand Rapids residents ever plan for. Most, if not all, never plan to place themselves in the position of needing such assistance. Yet the interpretation of the law can often be applied much more broadly than some anticipate, especially in the enforcement of new laws. People who believe they may be operating within the confines of the law may find themselves at odds with authorities over the application of it.

Coloma Township gas station robbed by man wearing a zombie mask

While the tales of psych-ward escapees terrorizing towns on Halloween are all urban legends, there are statistics that do show that crime in Kalamazoo does actually increase during the Halloween season. Much if that is due to juvenile pranks that begin as good-natured jokes but then devolve into fights, property damage, and/or accusations of theft. While the season is known for being a time for playful mischief, one should still remember that any type of criminal activity, no matter the season, can potentially result in a criminal charge.

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