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We take pride in our representation against drug charges

As many Michiganders know, and as last week's post highlighted, drug charges are serious. The arrest process can be frightening, and you might become fearful for your future when you learn of the potential penalties you could face. Though confronting an aggressive prosecution may seem daunting, if you are facing drug crime allegations, it is imperative that you create a criminal defense strategy that works best for you given the facts of your situation.

Michigan man taken into custody on several drug charges

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. However, those related to drug offenses should be especially worrisome. A criminal conviction for such a crime could lead to years, even decades behind bars, fines that could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, and perhaps irreparable damage to an individual's reputation. A drug crime conviction may disallow an individual from finding work, a place to live, and acquiring an education. Therefore, those who face drug charges should be ready to mount an aggressive and unyielding criminal defense.

Alleged wrong-way driver faces new drug charges in Michigan

A Grand Rapids woman who allegedly caused a serious car crash by driving the wrong way on US-131 in August now faces additional drug charges in connection with a minor car accident she was involved in earlier the same day. She was already charged with reckless driving causing serious impairment and driving with a suspended license causing injury stemming from the wrong-way accident.

Michigan drug possession crimes and penalties

When someone is charged in Michigan with drug possession, they face potentially very serious consequences. The Michigan legislature has outlined penalties for possession of drugs, with the penalties ranging depending on the amount and the drug classification.

Officials discover contraband and drone outside of prison

The idea of drones smuggling drugs into a Michigan prison may seem far-fetched, but South Carolina officials have encountered this issue recently. On April 21, a crashed drone was discovered outside of the razor wire fencing at a correctional facility. Officials believe that the incident involving the maximum security prison may be the first such case in the state although a similar incident occurred in Georgia last year. In the Georgia case, tobacco and cellphones were found in a drone that attempted to enter a prison facility. In the South Carolina case, however, marijuana was discovered in addition to tobacco and phones.

Alleged heroin ringleader sentenced to prison

A Michigan man was sentenced to three and a half to 40 years in prison after being convicted of drug charges including, one count of maintaining a drug house and four counts of delivery of heroin. The defendant was taken into custody in June 2013 after the Huron County Sheriff's office executed two search warrants and seized $4,700 in cash, 22 grams of heroin, an unknown white powdery substance and several items of heroin paraphernalia. In January, he was found guilty of a drug possession charge by a jury. For that charge, he received a sentence of three to 40 years in prison.

Three face trafficking charges after Traverse City drug raid

A drug arrest can be a very complex matter to deal with. Most in Kalamazoo would probably assume that such an arrest is as simple as law enforcement finding drugs and arresting the person found to be in possession of them. Yet such cases are rarely that easy. Depending on the circumstances of one’s arrest, he or she may end up facing a myriad of charges. While a drug possession charge alone carries with it some serious consequences, one would hope to avoid any related charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

Pair of Hamtramck women arrested for drug possession in Ohio

Many in Kalamazoo accused of engaging in illicit activity may have long held the belief that they could continue doing what they were doing without being caught by authorities. While they may succeed at not arousing their suspicion related to the criminal activity itself, they can't avoid doing basic things such as driving to the store or visiting with friends. Often it's while doing these seemingly mundane tasks that they end up being caught. When they are, they are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that these everyday activities can possibly compound the charges that they may be subjected to.

3 Three Rivers residents arrested in drug raid

An arrest for methamphetamine possession is a very serious matter in Grand Rapids. The potential criminal penalties that accompany it can vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest. If one is caught simply in possession of meth, he or she may face a misdemeanor charge along with court-mandated drug counseling. However, should the suspect be arrested with a large amount of the drug or if he or she has been arrested before for drug possession, a felony charge with an associated prison sentence is a real possibility.

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