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What is drug paraphernalia and how can it legally affect me?

There are many drug offenses. Some are serious, including drug trafficking and drug manufacturing, while others are relatively minor. Despite however minor a drug charge may seem, though, it can still wreak havoc on your life. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the law so that you can properly defend against any drug charges you may face. This week, we will look at what, exactly, is drug paraphernalia.

Alleged meth trafficker convicted for various charges

A jury in Kalamazoo found an alleged methamphetamine trafficker guilty of several federal charges on Oct. 2. The 45-year-old man is accused of helping to bring large amounts of methamphetamine into Michigan through his connections to suppliers in Mexico. He was reportedly the subject of an investigation for several years before he was detained on the drug charges.

Three face trafficking charges after Traverse City drug raid

A drug arrest can be a very complex matter to deal with. Most in Kalamazoo would probably assume that such an arrest is as simple as law enforcement finding drugs and arresting the person found to be in possession of them. Yet such cases are rarely that easy. Depending on the circumstances of one’s arrest, he or she may end up facing a myriad of charges. While a drug possession charge alone carries with it some serious consequences, one would hope to avoid any related charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

Pair of Hamtramck women arrested for drug possession in Ohio

Many in Kalamazoo accused of engaging in illicit activity may have long held the belief that they could continue doing what they were doing without being caught by authorities. While they may succeed at not arousing their suspicion related to the criminal activity itself, they can't avoid doing basic things such as driving to the store or visiting with friends. Often it's while doing these seemingly mundane tasks that they end up being caught. When they are, they are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that these everyday activities can possibly compound the charges that they may be subjected to.

Marijuana charges pending in Michigan investigation

Michigan police have finished a three-week investigation of a drug trafficking operation, which apparently operated about 50 miles from Kalamazoo. The investigation began after officers were called to a residence regarding a complaint of people smoking marijuana.

2 Michigan residents charged with heroin possession

Two people in Southwest Michigan are now facing drug charges after a weeklong police investigation ended with a search of an apartment. Inside the apartment police reportedly found heroin, marijuana and evidence that the residents were involved in a drug trafficking operation.

2 suspected of trafficking marijuana arrested in Michigan home

A 32-year-old man was arrested in his home for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after a drug bust in Berrien County, Michigan. A 22-year-old woman also inside the home was arrested on a warrant for drug possession. The man is currently in jail awaiting his arraignment and the woman posted bond while awaiting her arraignment.

Michigan man facing drug charges in Ohio for trafficking heroin

The wonders and ease of modern travel has also set the stage for crimes to not only be committed in our own Michigan communities but also in other states. When this happens, individuals should understand that they will most likely be subject to the laws of the state in which they were apprehended and charged. One such case happened when a Michigan man, who is now facing felony drug charges, was arrested after a traffic stop and alleged to have $12,000 worth of illegal drugs.

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