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David G. Moore, Attorney at Law

Encountering the legal system can be intense and stressful. Whether you have been arrested, are going through a divorce or facing serious debt problems, it is important to have legal counsel who can step in to protect your interests and spare you from the harshest consequences. I am David G. Moore, a criminal defense lawyer who has practiced criminal law for more than 10 years and has handled thousands of cases, including family law and bankruptcy cases.

Before opening my own practice, I worked as an assistant district attorney. My experience on both sides of the courtroom provides an added advantage to my clients. I provide personalized, cost-effective representation to clients in Kalamazoo and to residents throughout Southwest Michigan. I have represented adults, juveniles and young adults, including college students and out-of-state travelers who have faced prosecution in Michigan.

  1. Putting experience as a former DA to work for you in restoring driving privileges

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  2. I am a former assistant district attorney who knows how the system works from the inside.

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  3. Providing you with the legal advice you need to make intelligent,
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  4. Having an experienced lawyer can make the difference when it comes to your settlement

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Protecting the Rights of People Facing All Types of Criminal Charges

My criminal defense practice encompasses the full spectrum of criminal charges. I regularly represent people who have been charged with drunk driving (OWI/DUI), traffic violations and drug crimes. If you have lost your driver's license, my work as a DUI lawyer means I know what it takes to get your driving privileges back and I have extensive experience with license restoration.

Much of my defense work involves defending clients against serious felony charges, including violent crimes and weapon offenses, as well as serious white collar crimes and sex crimes. I also handle probation violations and criminal appeals.

Former Prosecutor Now Fighting For You

I use my knowledge of the local justice system and my courtroom experience as both a D.A. and a Michigan defense attorney to examine the facts of your case and to help mount a vigorous defense. My office is fully equipped to manage your case at any stage: before formal charges, after you have been arrested and charges, at trial or on appeal. I care for your best interests and the protection of your rights.

Helping to Resolve All Family Law Matters

I also help my clients with all of their family law needs, from divorce to adoption and prenuptial agreements, I am here to help you open a new chapter in your life while working hard to protect all of your important interests.

Do You Need Your License Back? Be Successful the First time – Learn how?

Free Consultations, Competitive Fees And Accessibility

You have enough on your mind without the added stress of tracking me down when you have a question or a concern. I will be in communication at every phase of your legal case. You will have the reassurance of knowing what is going on in your case and how I am working to protect your rights and your interests. If you call and do not reach me, I will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Contact me online or call my Kalamazoo office at 269-216-4573 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach me days, nights, weekends and holidays when you are in trouble with the law.