Alcohol a factor in accident that kills Parma woman

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Even after a night of drinking at a Kalamazoo bar or club, there may be those who feel as though they’re OK to drive home. They may feel as though they know themselves better than anyone, and thus also know when they’re impaired and when they’re not. They may also mistakenly believe that even if something happens, they’re only hurting themselves. That line of thinking can easily get one arrested for OWI or, worse yet, cause an accident that takes the life of another.

Such is the trouble facing a Minnesota man recently arrested after his involvement in a fatal car accident in Parma. Sadly, a local woman riding as a passenger in one of the cars involved was killed in the accident. Both drivers were uninjured. Further details of the accident weren’t released, nor was it said whether the intoxicated driver was operating the vehicle in which the woman was riding, He is being charged with OWI causing death.

One probably doesn’t take the potential for such unintended consequences into account when making the decision to drive drunk. As such, the grief felt once he or she comes to realize the enormity of what’s happened may make the concern for any pending legal troubles pale in comparison.

Countless people are arrested for OWI or DUI every year. Often it’s the result of a simple lapse in judgment that one wouldn’t dare repeat after having been caught once. Working with a good criminal defense attorney to secure an acceptable outcome to one’s drunk driving offense case may mean the difference between such an incident never repeating itself of a tragedy similar to the one described above from happening.

Source: WILX-TV “Parma TWP. Woman Killed in Accident. Man Arrested for OWI” Jan. 09, 2014



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