Multiple charges await Lowell man after fatal accident

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The potential penalties associated with an OWI arrest in Kalamazoo can be very serious. Attempting to combat those charges alone can be a difficult proposition. That difficulty only increases if one is charged with other felonies on top of a suspected drunk driving offense. While one may hope for an acceptable outcome to an OWI charge, the possibility of earning such an outcome is greatly diminished if one is also suspected of other offenses in connection to drunk driving.

Such is the scenario currently facing a Lowell man who is currently in jail following his arrest in connection to a fatal car accident. The man is accused of driving while intoxicated, which resulted in his hitting a woman while she was pushing her van along the side of the road after having run out of gas. Sadly, the woman died of her injuries. On top of the charges for being intoxicated while causing a death, the man also faces charges for fleeing the scene of an accident. He was found by police in the woods not far from where the accident took place.

Any situation where one faces a myriad of charges such as these may seem daunting. Yet those accused of such crimes will still be afforded the chance to plead their case before authorities. Any hope of gaining a firm footing in such a case may lie with one’s knowledge of the laws surrounding the multiple offenses he or she may be facing. That knowledge may be gained with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Anyone in such a dire legal predicament may wish to seek such assistance.

Source: The Grand Rapids Press –  “Lowell man facing felony OWI charges after Lake Odessa woman fatally struck on overpass” Garret Ellison, Feb. 16, 2014



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